ICMI 2012 plenary presentations

ICMI 2012 plenary presentations

All the plenary sessions were tape recorded and are available for viewing by clicking on the corresponding link.

Day 1

Plenary 1: Introduction

Where are we?
Gian Paolo Guelfi

Psychiatric reform in Italy and the art work of psychiatric patients
P.Tranchina + MP Teodori

The work by Fernando Nannetti at the psychiatric hospital in Volterra
Lucienne Peiry

Plenary 2: Why MI Works

Why MI works

Tom Barth

Timothy Apodaca

Delwyn Catley

Plenary 3: MI in Health Care

MI in stroke care: helping patients to adjust to life after a stroke
Caroline Watkins

Motivational Interviewing in Health Care: A meta-analysis of clinical trials
Brad Lundhal

Day 2

Plenary 1: Spectacular failures with MI

Spectacular failures with MI
W.R. Miller

What does this mean?
Scott Walters, Richard Saitz, Jennifer Hettema, Nicolas Bertholet, Bill Miller

Plenary 2: Frameworks for MI research

Opening the discussion
JB Daeppen
Is MI a complex Intervention?
Jim McCambridge

Complexities in MI research
Ken Resnicow

Day 3

Plenary 1: A journey toward the future

A journey toward the future of Motivational Interviewing – part 1,2 and 3
Hal Arkowitz

What makes psychotherapy work?
Jean Nicolas Despland

Plenary 2: What Grabbed

What grabbed me in ICMI 3: reflections from a friendly, critical medical practitioner- scientific investigator
Chris Butler

Panel: What grabbed you?
Jean Nicolas Despland